Every company has contracts, but not all manage them within SAP® Business One

Contract life cycle is complete with us!

Negotiate terms, subscribe, follow their compliance and finally, in some cases, close the contract. It seems simple, however, each of these stages have complex items to be complied with.

Thus, ContractPlus is the contractualmodule natively integrated to SAP® Business One, so that companies can follow every stage with customers and suppliers, reducing risks and achieving the best results.

Contracts are full of details!

And, to every one of them we thought of a solution to generate increasingly more value and quickness to management!

It looks simple...
and it can be even more!

Having an eye in each stage, especially execution, enables managing, executing and measuring.


Receiving linked to each contract

Measurement, installment or recurrence items and/or billing

Contractual balances


Contractual addenda and advance payments

Rescission by contract item

Contract activation or deactivation


Contract executed quantity or percentage rate

Contractual retentions

Contract item release for measurement process

Do you want to find out how it all works?

" Controlling terms, defaults, partnership breaks, and each contract details cannot be an easy task! Especially if the volume is too big. ContractPlus optimizes corporate process, offering an outstanding tool to help, successfully, fine management performance. It minimizes flaws, standardizes methods and really speeds up administration, assuring efficiency, productivity and celerity in information."

Ester Garcia

Invent Chief Administrative and Financial Officer

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