A complete financial assistant to SAP® Business One

Because you don´t have to leave home to go to the bank!

Apart from issuing transaction slips or being a shortcut to bank application, BankPlus is SAP® Business One native banking module that assists people and companies to perform complete business financial management automatically and reduces error possibilities in processes.

It goes beyond integration, BankPlus performs all banking reconciliation, card reconciliation, electronic payments and customer debt renegotiations. And it is a module that offers PIX feature.

Knowing where main business figures are is the first step to generate them

Financial inputs and outputs come from different sources. Automating and identifying each one of them simplifies and speeds up control.

ibank Mandala

" We have developed BankPlus thinking about simplifying finance area daily routines, as it can view not only the cash flow, but all business financial health, easily, quickly and completely, enabling that people make better decisions and companies grow."

Marcos Tadeu Junior

Invert CEO

Time is money, an ally!

Our solution eliminates little added value tasks and makes team routine more efficient, so that they have time to think of strategies that generate even more value to business.

Transaction slip issuance with PIX payment

Cash flow control

Write-off management between head office and branch office

Automated accounting entry process

Enables debt negotiation and renegotiation

Integrated with more than 60 banking institutions

More than 550 pre-set layouts

Quick and user friendly implementation

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