Why automating tax management?

Controlling maturing taxes, paid ones, credits: specificities of each tax; whether they are federal, state or municipal; gathering documentation to submit it to regulation agencies… How long does your team spend to comply with company tax obligations manually, through tables? Hours or even days of hard work, so that everything complies with requirements, terms or […]

Contract management: all you need to know

An activity that every company has to do is managing contracts! Concerning whether business partners, suppliers, employees, or even your office rent. However, not every company performs proper management of such documents, and then problems arise. Neglecting stages or not complying with them adequately can generate financial losses, fines and legal proceedings. Contracts have life […]

Contract management 3 benefits

Every company, whether small or large, needs to manage contracts. How this management is performed is essential for success or business reputation issues in the market they operate. What is more, contract management shall monitor compliance with agreements executed with customers and suppliers, from negotiation to established item closure. Thus, this activity is deeply strategic […]