Simplify bureaucracies within SAP® Business One

Speeding up tax obligation compliance is possible!

Every company is liable to taxation accounting to the Government, regardless of its size, location or operation mode. However, this process does not have to be painful to teams!

Through TaxPlus tax module, it is possible to comply with, consolidate and submit tax obligations nationwide, automatically and safely, integrated natively to SAP® Business One.

TaxPlus is the optimal solution to simplify tax processes, enhancing team performance and operation scalability, regardless of situations enforced by inspecting agencies.

Not only complying with tax obligations...

... TaxPlus also has features that will simplify team routine!

Our tax suite is complete to generate even more value to business!

Rely on our tax suite for the most need cases and the ones you had no idea you could count on us as well!


Tax book and (primary and ancillary) obligation issuance

TaxPlus DF-e

Tax document automated validation

TaxPlus MODEL 21/22

Communication and telecommunication invoice control

TaxPlus GNRE

GNRE payment slip generation in any Brazilian state

TaxPlus NF-e

Automated and efficient electronic invoice management

TaxPlus NFS-e

Service invoice management customized per municipality

TaxPlus NFC-e

Tax coupon issuance

TaxPlus MDF-e

Document management for good or merchandise transportation covered by more than one NF-e

TaxPlus Reinf

Labor information submission according to e-Social

TaxPlus CT-e

Document validation and contribution automated calculation before SPED entry

Do you want to find out how it all works?

Value is in details!

And, as we are aware of that, we deliver everything you need

Are you tired of denied invoices because business partner CNPJ is irregular in Sintegra bases?

With TaxPlus Fiscal Regularity component, it is possible to check customer or supplier CNPJ standing in regulation agencies – including Federal Revenue or each State Treasury –,even before issuing the invoice.

"Complying with tax obligations can be really hard and open the door to human errors, incurring in tax default. With our tax module, we automate processes and enable that companies are updated concerning their own obligations,and with Fiscal Regularity feature, it is possible to know whether customers and suppliers are, too, so that they do not issue invoices that can generate any irregularity."

Max Lopes

Invent Chief Product Officer

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