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Professional daily routine is increasingly busy and engaging to attend courses and stand out in such a competitive market can be an almost impossible mission.

Having that in mind, we have developed an online platform with several short courses, so that you can develop your skills more conveniently matching your studies to your working hours.

Yes! Yes! Through Invent University, we are willing to share our knowledge in SAP® Business One native solutions and we are working to always deliver our best to you!

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Totally online and free courses focused on professional skills!


Know solutions deeply and add independence and agility to your projects


Issued by the end of each SAP native module course


Interaction channel between students and teachers to solve your doubts


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DF-e, NFS-e, Reinf, SPED... don´t lose your sleep with all these letters, we have course programs and quick tips on the topic.

Not only we help you to use BankPlus, but also we want you to know all the resources that this financial assistant can provide to business management.

So that contract stages and management are efficient, we have developed courses with step-by-step instructions on how to get the best from your ContractPlus module.

As our tax, banking and contract modules are SAP® Business One native is a topic that is always present in our course.

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We have prepared a series of short videos with our students´ most usual doubts!

Would you like to watch more videos like that!

" I have been Invent product enthusiast since 2013 and I have followed its development. Attending Invent University courses helped me a lot: they are very well prepared and materials are quite clear and objective. After the courses, I have optimized my servicing a lot and I recommend them!"

Ferreira Cavalcante

SAP B1 consultant in Fortaleza/CE

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