Manage transactions for a single corporate group within SAP® Business One

Integrating information among companies in a group in an automated way may be a challenge to the consolidating company. However, using the InterCompany, a module integrated to SAP® Business One, such problem is solved in a fast and efficient way, ensuring greater control and visibility of the operations executed.

The InterCompany enables the configuration and execution of transactions between companies, such as: reproduction of partners’ registers, items, payment method, stock transferences, and other operations, in addition to the exchange of information in real time, without the need to export or import data, simplifying the management of registers.

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Intercompany optimizes day-to-day processes by integrating the information management of all your companies in one place, so that people can manage their routines with autonomy and freedom.

Efficiency in your routine

Integration of information among different data bases from SAP® Business One (since the companies are in Brazil).

Automation and reliability

The record of operations is processed in real time, ensuring that the information is always updated and accurate.

Flexibility of use

The configuration of replication rules is flexible for each type of register, so that all information is accurately replicated.

Facility in financial management

The consolidation of payables and receivables is performed on a single screen, speeding up the process of financial conciliation.

Standardization of records

It enables the transference of merchandise among companies and allows them to perform a more efficient control of their inventories.

Agility in the processes

It enables companies to copy bills of sales or orders among them. It is possible that company X purchasing order is converted to company Y sales order.

Discover all the features of Intercompany and how this solution can transform the information management of your companies!

" Managing several companies of the same group in SAP Business One can be challenging, especially when there is a need to replicate the master data of items or business partners from a parent company to its subsidiaries. With InterCompany's data replicator, you set aside rework and adhere to agility and efficiency in your operations, as it allows you to easily replicate data from one base to others in batches, keeping your companies' data standardized and up-to-date."

Fábio Cabral

Head of products

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